Digital Law – Creation of Will on the Internet

Digital Law – Creation of Will on the Internet

There are so many reasons to go to the Internet to find solutions for our problems today. Will & More is a platform for you to secure the future of your loved ones through Will writing.

As every scholar would say, life is complex. You live, laugh, and most importantly love so many people along the way. Family becomes the strongest bond as the years go by. Each passing day, for as long as you remember, you toiled hard to build an empire. This hustle is motivated by your family that will survive you. The growth of your wealth is then passed on to them.

Over time, you draw out a plan to ensure their survival after your passing, since all must come to an end. Although this idea brings great sorrow, it is a reality we cannot avoid. In all the grief and surprising turn of events in life, Will & More holds your hand as you are on your way out.

Will writing
Writing a will can be quite a daunting experience. It is a document that helps you decide what you want to leave behind for your legal heirs. Along with the complexity associated with the term ‘law’ comes time consumption and numerous formalities. Thus, the nature of the law drives away people towards professionals and agencies to understand their battles.

A will is a legal document that unfolds your wishes on how to carry forward everything that you have earned in your entire lifetime. It gives you the freedom to personalise the distribution of your property among your loved ones, rather than letting the age-old laws of successions decide. This legal document ensures that your wealth remains intact within your family even when you are not around.

Will & More
Conceptualised by Aditya Joby, a law student from Jindal Global Law School, Will & More began as a project to initiate the idea of digital services in law. After intense studies across the globe, this idea focused on the services of will making and will storage specifically in India. As one of the first service providers in India, the company looks forward to simplifying the idea of will making to their customers.

Will & More is associated with trusted lawyers, committed to serving their clients. With vast research and understanding, they have streamlined their ideas closely linked to the country’s law and order. Providing a secure and easy platform for the customers is their main focus.

Working with Cydez Technologies, Will & More becomes an ideal space that explores the aesthetics of technology accessible to us today. Since 2019, Cydez Technologies have chased down ideas to solve digital conundrums. Specialised in key projects that are related to web application, mobile app development, testing, design services and digital marketing services. As a team, Cydez Technologies bring in professionalism in service with unique engineering solutions.

Cydez Technologies helps Will & More to build on its foundational ideas to offer do-it-yourself templates and other services that are simplified for their users. The former helps build a seamless platform to create and secure Will documents and help family members to locate important documents. Its user friendly web design helps navigate customers at ease.
When the time comes, Will & More comes to your aid to help you to make clear decisions especially during the time of grief. The lack of practice of a culture related to a ‘Letter of Instructions’ has brought great difficulties among loved ones. Will & More wants to normalise this culture and help create comfortable discussions within families.
A will may also be seen as a route map to help your loved ones through illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
This digital platform helps you to create such important documents at your pace and manner of choice.
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